High praise for poems by Detroit Flanagan

"These poems by Detroit Flanagan, Jr. depict a sense of family values and a depth of concern for others that will cause all who read them to take an in-depth look at themselves." - John Wooden, Head Coach Emeritus, UCLA

 Mr. Flanagan has accomplished a way of communicating to our youth which is rarely attainable by adults. His crisp, clear message in 'Advice To A Son' and 'Advice To A Daughter' should be read by every Black teen in America for its inspiration and non-hostile recommendations." Shahrazad Ali - Author, The Black Man's Guide to Understanding the Black Woman. 

Reading Detroit Flanagan's poetry is both entertaining and evocative of life's lessons. Read it, enjoy it and apply it in your daily life."
Elizabeth Lucas, Artist and greeting card designer

 With the dexterity of an artist, the author paints with his pen, simple strokes of home-spun wisdom, harsh realities and gentle shades of understanding and compassion as he peruses the kaleidoscope of life's palette." - Dolores Orduna, Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, CA

 "Inspired in its simplicity, elegance and directness. His words remind us all of the responsibility we have to love ourselves and each other. Truly right for our time." - Louis Nicolaides, Publisher, CAFFE USA Coffee House Directories